In Case You’re Wondering About Safe Dental X-Rays

Aug 22, 2017

At some point they will be necessary. And when the time comes perhaps you’ll wonder about the safety of dental x-rays.

Digital technology has improved the quality of our lives. Your dental health included.

Advances in technology provide you a faster, more accurate, and safer treatment process. You’ll have one less reason to postpone what could be an essential diagnosis and treatment

Similar but better

The first thing you’ll notice with digital x-ray technology is the absence of traditional film. Bite-wings are used but they contain a sensor that quickly transfers each image to the connected computer hardware.

The images are immediately available and viewable. That means no more waiting for the film to be developed prior to a diagnosis.

Accuracy, speed, and safety give digital x-ray technology an advantage over traditional dental x-rays.

There are other benefits starting with the primary safety concerns you might already have about x-rays.

Concerns eliminated

Reduced radiation

Digital equipment used for oral x-rays exposes you to less radiation than traditional film based x-rays. You can be assured that digital x-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation, in fact.

Standard dental x-rays are not to be mistaken as unsafe. You have more reason to trust our use of digital x-ray technology as a safe alternative.

Time savings

Your dental appointment will require less time when x-rays are necessary. Traditional x-rays have a brief waiting period to allow the images to be developed for viewing.

Digital dental x-rays are immediate. The technology allows each image to be viewable the moment it’s obtained.

Improved quality

Standard dental x-ray images are often a challenge to comprehend. Quality issues can affect diagnosis and your understanding of treatment planning.

Digital x-rays are easily enlarged and viewable. The images can also be quickly printed for your personal records.

Easy to share

Your digital x-rays can be easily made available to a specialist, if necessary. The digital files can be quickly emailed making record transfer simple and fast.

Good for the environment

Digital x-rays require no chemicals or paper use. This eliminates any potential harm to the environment.

Digital x-ray technology is another way to improve you and your family’s dental care and your treatment experience. Contact our Roswell dental office with your questions about dental x-rays.

Schedule your next dental examination and ask about digital x-ray technology.

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