This Can Help If You Have Dental Implant Treatment Concerns

Jan 26, 2018

You’ve lost a tooth or teeth. Now you face a decision about tooth replacement. As a Roswell implant dentist there are a number of reasons to have confidence in dental implant treatment.

Setting a precedent

Dental implants have an outstanding reputation as a missing teeth replacement.

Dental implants look natural in your mouth alongside your adjoining teeth. The dental crown on the surface will match your natural tooth color and shape.

Dental implants last because they are made of titanium. The implant will adapt as it’s surgically placed into your bone and gum tissue.

That’s three major reasons that support choosing implants when you’ve experienced tooth loss.


There’s one word that’s hard to ignore

“Surgery!” The thought of having oral surgery can cause you to delay the procedure.

Keep in mind that the longer you delay tooth replacement the greater your risk of oral health issues.

  • Bone loss and gum tissue erosion
  • Tooth misalingment
  • Damage to your surrounding teeth

Roswell dental implants can be placed during a safe and comfortable surgical procedure. The success rate and long-lasting benefits follow when you choose to replace your missing tooth or teeth with dental implant treatment.

More convincing proof that dental implants are a good choice for restoring your tooth function and appearance

The advanced planning effect

The details of your implant procedure are carefully planned. A thorough scan of your tooth loss condition and the health of your bone and gum tissue help determine treatment details in advance.

Your implant placement is a precision process. Your Roswell implant dentist uses digital technology to pinpoint the exact and best location for your dental implant to be secured.

This precision approach helps your implant to adapt and heal effectively. It also assists with eliminating post-surgical complications.

Comfort enhancements

Placing a dental implant can often be less complicated than a tooth extraction. Your overall oral health, tissue health, and tooth loss condition will help determine the ease of placement.

Local anesthesia and sedation help you experience a comfortable implant placement procedure. Follow-up and instructions for healing help assure that your treatment is free from problems.

Predictable results

Your preliminary examination, surgical techniques for implant placement, and following post-placement instructions will deliver good results. Your dental implant site will heal somewhat quickly with up to a 97% success rate.

Once your site has healed your new, permanent tooth will be attached to your implant and post. Your dental implant is designed to last for more than 10 years with ongoing check-ups and proper care.

Contact our Roswell dental office about your tooth loss. Schedule an examination to discuss tooth replacement with dental implants and ask questions about the implant placement process.

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