Why Bone Loss is a Big Deal

Aug 28, 2017

Losing your teeth is one outcome. The other associated with bone loss is chronic gum disease or periodontitis.

There are reasons that bone loss is serious. The collateral damage can be irreversible but there are solutions to improve your health if you experience it.

Symptom or cause?

The loss of a tooth or multiple teeth is a common cause of bone loss. When you lose more than one tooth it sets in motion a chain of events that makes tooth replacement essential.

Your teeth can become misaligned also. This causes problems for your chewing function that happens to be an important stimulus for your bone tissue.

An infection can damage your bone tissue. This highlights the impact that periodontal (gum) disease can have on your bone tissue leading to its deterioration.

Certain tooth replacement options are to blame for bone loss as well. Dentures, while common, can wear away your bone tissue over time and affect their fit and function.

Re-construction solutions

A gum disease evaluation in our Roswell dental office can help protect you from further bone loss. Also the examination will provide you some reconstructive solutions if your bone loss has progressed and is causing additional dental problems.

Bone grafting can create a new, strong foundation. This is especially vital when you desire to replace your tooth or teeth with dental implants. Your bone graft replaces lost tissue and it stimulates your jawbone to produce new, healthy bone tissue.

A sinus lift is effective when you have problems in the upper, back portion of your mouth. The bone tissue can be too thin for treatment such as a dental implant. Your sinus can be raised and filled with new bone graft material to create a larger space for restorative dental treatment.

Bone loss is treatable but it can also be avoided. The place to begin is to maintain the health of your teeth and gums with routine examinations, teeth cleanings, and gum evaluations.

Contact your Roswell dentist about any symptoms of bone loss such as loose teeth or sore gums. Schedule a gum evaluation and oral examination to diagnose your gum and bone tissue health.

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