What is a Bone Graft and Why It Could Be Essential to Your Dental Implant Treatment

Mar 06, 2017

Dental implants are a superior solution for tooth loss. They last, provide security, and stimulate the health of your gum and bone tissue.

Like any treatment, there’s a downside. But it has nothing to do with the implant itself.

What’s lacking and where?

Your dental implant is a strong, secure treatment. One achilles-heel is that it relies on healthy and adequate bone tissue.

If you lack those…your implant can fail.

Dental implant-101 reveals that a dental implant is only as secure as the bone and gum tissue that holds it. When tissue is weak, unhealthy, or lacking you will require assistance.

There’s a solution for that

A bone graft provides additional support at the location in your jawbone where your implant will be placed. The tissue used will adapt to the implant just as your available bone tissue would.

Bone used in the graft can be obtained from a variety of places. Your body can supply it from your chin or another portion of your lower jaw.

Other sources can be used as well if your bone tissue is not capable of being used. Human cadaver, cows, and other synthetic resources can provide the necessary tissue for your bone graft.

The bone graft procedure is provided in our dental office. A local anesthesia is used to help assure your comfort.

If a larger amount of bone tissue is required for your implant treatment the graft can be conducted off-site. You will be informed about this and given the opportunity to ask any related questions about the procedure.

The bone graft will be allowed to fuse and adapt to your available tissue at the implant location. A healing period can last up to six months prior to implant placement depending on your condition.

We help assure that your bone graft procedure is comfortable. The long term benefit is a healthy, secure dental implant following this step in the process.

Contact our Roswell dental office about dental implant treatment for tooth loss. Ask about all the details related to implant placement including a bone graft.

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