Believe It or Not – Your Dentist Can Also Treat Sleep Apnea

Nov 01, 2019

Would you believe that a dentist also receives the training to treat and manage your snoring as well as sleep apnea? You may wonder what sleep apnea has to do with your teeth as dentists are supposed to specialize in treating problems of the mouth as well as dental hygiene. However, if you are provided information that dental sleep medicine is also an area of dental practice focusing on the use of oral appliance therapy for treating sleep-disordered breathing, obstructive sleep apnea, and loud snoring would you be surprised? You shouldn’t be because dentists are working together with sleep physicians for identifying the best treatment for every patient. They are receiving adequate support from the American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine which is a professional society for dentists that are helping patients to control snoring and obstructive sleep apnea with the use of oral appliance therapy. If you are facing trouble tolerating CPAP [continues positive airway pressure] therapy or feel you need an alternative treatment for sleep apnea should be talking to Shenk dental care that is an AADSM affiliated dental practice.

Can Sleep Apnea Affect The Quality Of Your Life?

The quality of sleep you get can have a dramatic impact on your health and the overall quality of life and well-being. Obstructive sleep apnea and snoring affects your sleep as well as that of your partner to increase the risks of severe health problems. It is important for you never to ignore snoring because it is a warning sign of other health conditions that could affect you. The symptoms of sleep apnea are primarily snoring which is a treatable condition but is often underdiagnosed in America and throughout the world. When left untreated sleep apnea can cause problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular conditions, and other serious health issues that will require treatment from specialized physicians.

The Oral Appliance Therapy — An Introduction

The use of oral appliance therapy was pioneered by dentists for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea as well as snoring in adults. The oral appliance is similar to a mouthguard worn only when sleeping. It fits in the mouth like an orthodontic retainer. A custom-tailored sleep appliance is an effective therapy that prevents the airway from collapsing by offering support to the jaw in a forward position. When provided by a dentist such as Dr. Shenk the oral appliance therapy proves helpful because it assists in maintaining an open and unobstructed airway. Dentistry in Rosewall can also provide oral appliance therapy for use by people that are affected by sleep apnea.

Can Every Dentist Provide Oral Appliance Therapy?

Qualified dentists that have required the desired skill and technical knowledge in dental sleep medicine are authorized to provide oral appliance therapy. Therefore you cannot be under the assumption that the dentist near you will be in a position to provide you treatment for sleep apnea. Not every dentist is qualified to provide optimal care for adults with a problem of snoring or sleep apnea. Therefore you must research carefully and even be prepared to ask questions to determine whether your dentist has the qualifications mentioned below to provide sleep apnea treatment.

Certification in dental sleep medicine from a nonprofit organization such as the American Board of dental sleep medicine.

Designation as a dental director of a facility for dental sleep medicine accredited by a nonprofit organization like the American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Recognized for continuing education in dental sleep medicine provided by an accredited dental school within the last couple of years.

If the dentist you are contacting for oral appliance therapy does not have the qualifications mentioned above you are recommended to begin making inquiries to understand how you can overcome the problem of sleep apnea affordably. You may certainly find ourselves being challenged trying to obtain the information as needed. However, you will also come across the Schenk dental care that is an accredited center for providing oral appliance therapy that is increasingly being accepted by many people suffering from sleep apnea as an affordable alternative to the expensive polysomnography tests which are generally recommended by physicians and even experts in the business of sleep medicine. Spend some time researching for information and you will change your mind about whether dentists can treat sleep apnea or not. You may even obtain the treatment you need to recommend others to Dr. Shenk who will be happy with your recommendations.

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