The Basic Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Feb 23, 2018

When is a root canal necessary? That’s a good question.

The answers can help you understand why you’re in pain and how to get relief. It can also help assure that it’s possible to save your tooth from an extraction.

Clearing up the misunderstanding

Root canal treatment often gets bad “press.” As your Roswell family dentist we take steps to clarify the procedure details and dispel the myths.

First, tooth and mouth pain can be a signal that something is wrong. But keep in mind that not all pain is cause for a root canal.

Yours might start with sensitivity to hot and cold. A filling or crown might also be damaged.

But the longer the pain persists without treatment the worse it can become. Tooth decay and infection deep within your tooth or gum tissue are the concerns.

What a root canal does

Your tooth’s outer layer of enamel protects the internal soft tissue. Nerves are contained within your tooth’s pulp and near the root tips. A nerve resides inside a “canal” thus the term “root canal.”

Your tooth pulp can become infected. A fracture, chipped tooth, or cavity opens the door to bacteria.

And that’s where the problems multiply!

Once your tooth pulp dies pressure builds as blood flow increases to the area. Biting, chewing, and hot or cold can trigger the pain you feel.

Treating the infection and restoring the tooth structure is the goal of a root canal. Our Roswell dental care is equipped to save your tooth and help eliminate your tooth pain.

A root canal cleans out the infected pulp and reshapes the canal. A substance is added to help prevent further infection. Your tooth is then permanently sealed with a dental crown to restore the structure and function.

Perhaps this clarifies some of the misunderstanding about root canal treatment. Contact your Roswell dentist with additional questions.

Schedule a dental examination if you’re experiencing any tooth sensitivity or tooth and mouth pain.

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