Bad Breath Could Be Just the Beginning

Oct 23, 2017

Good or bad you carry this with you wherever you go. It’s your breath and most often your concern has to do with bad breath issues.

For example, do people tend to “step back” during conversations or are you self-aware enough to know that something’s not right when you get a whiff of your own breath?

It could be more than what was on your plate

It’s common to associate bad breath with your most recent meal or beverage. Those are causes but it could be something more.

Blame bacteria. Oral bacteria that live on your teeth, gums, and tongue produce an odor.

Your diet provides leverage to bacteria. Eating foods such as onions and garlic magnify the issue. Bad breath also results from food particles that are left behind and between your teeth.

A systemic issue

Systemic? That’s the broader idea that one problem leads to or is directly connected to another.

For instance, bad breath could be sourced in a number of other mouth related conditions.

Dry mouth is caused by a low production of saliva. Your saliva has a cleansing effect and without it bacteria can thrive and produce the odor associated with bad breath.

Infections are also bad breath producers. A sinus infection, bronchitis, and other related conditions can enhance it.

Periodontal (gum) disease can produce a specific odor too. The condition attacks your gum and bone tissue, producing an infection, and an odor often accompanies the infection.

Preventive solutions

Keep your mouth healthy, clean, and fresh. Routine oral hygiene including brushing, flossing, and professional teeth cleanings are fundamental to overcoming bad breath issues.

Schedule dental check-ups for systemic issues. Disease, tooth decay, dry mouth, and other oral health conditions can be treated. This could eliminate the source of your chronic bad breath.

Contact our Roswell dental office about your bad breath or related problems. Schedule an oral examination to discuss potential causes and your treatment options.

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