Are Partial Dentures a Viable Tooth Replacement Option?

Oct 31, 2018

When most people hear “dentures” they instantly think of complete dentures used to replace an entire row of missing teeth. But did you know that partial dentures can be used to replace only a few missing teeth? At Shenk Dental Care we are proud to offer partial dentures in Roswell, GA for our patients that are missing several teeth in a row and are interested in restoring the appearance and function of their smile.

About Our Roswell Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are quite similar to complete dentures, however, they are intended to only replace a few teeth in a row. Partial dentures consist of prosthetic teeth that are attached to a base designed to blend with your smile and can be removed so that you can properly care for them and the rest of your natural smile. Partial dentures are a useful treatment option for patients that are interested in improving their ability to properly speak along with their ability to bite, chew and eat their favorite foods.

Although partial dentures are not real teeth, they do require proper care in order to last. Each evening we recommend soaking your partial dentures, along with properly brushing and flossing the rest of your natural smile.

Interested in restoring your missing teeth with partial dentures in Roswell, GA? Schedule your consultation with Shenk Dental Care today!

Benefits of Partials

When it comes to tooth replacement treatment options, partial dentures have various benefits over the alternative restorative options, including:

  • Partial dentures are designed to blend perfectly with the rest of your natural smile.
  • Partial dentures can improve your ability to speak, bite, chew and even eat.
  • Partial dentures can prevent additional complications related to missing teeth, such as loose teeth, teeth shifting and even tooth loss.
  • Partial dentures can last for many years with proper care.

Get Partial Dentures in Roswell, GA Today

Tired of living your life with a partial smile? Contact Shenk Dental Care to schedule your appointment, we’re always accepting new patients at our practice and would be more than happy to determine if partial dentures are right for you and your smile.

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