Advantages of Composite Tooth Fillings

Mar 25, 2019

In the field of modern dentistry, composite dental fillings have become quite popular. These are used for the treatment of teeth cavities and decayed teeth. Due to ageing and malnutrition, tooth decaying can take place. Lack of calcium in body could also be a reason. On the other hand, cavities take place due to lack of basic care of the tooth. Cavities make the root weak and also the pulp inside the crown gets infected easily. Cavities turn teeth fragile and vulnerable to be chipped when you chew hard food elements. Both cavities and tooth decaying are concerning. They can be managed with toot filling treatment at Shenk Dental Care.

Composite Dental Filling

For tooth filling, different kinds of materials are used. For example, ceramic filling as well as metallic fillings are quite common. Another common material for tooth filling is composite resin, which is also known as composite dental filling. What are the advantages of using composite tooth filling? Those advantages are discussed briefly in the following section.

No Need for Heavy Drilling

When it comes to filling cavities with composite materials, at first drilling has to be done. It is essential to conduct the drilling process on the teeth cavities to omit impurities from the crown area. Nevertheless, drilling will create a perfect hole where the composite material can be poured. For other dental filling, heavy drilling is needed. The process of drilling is complex for teeth and could be painful. Lesser drilling means lesser pain. When composite resin is used as filling material, heavy drilling it not required.

Easy Bonding to Tooth

The composite filling material can bond with your teeth easily. It looks pretty natural as well. Since it bonds with existing tooth perfectly, the filling stays for a long time without being decayed.

No Teeth Sensitivity

In many cases, it has been found that filling causes teeth sensitivity. Well, this does not happen in case of the composite filling materials. When fillings are made of metal, high chance of tooth sensitivity is there.

Easy Filling Repairing Process

Filling needs to be repaired after certain time interval. Dentists at Shenk Dental Care have found that composite filling materials require lesser maintenance.

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