See a family dentist in Roswell, GA right away if you have lost one or more teeth. Getting replacements right away will ensure that your everyday habits are not interrupted in the slightest. One option for replacing multiple teeth is dentures. Your dentist will go over this option in greater depth with you during a consultation, but here are some of the basics you should know about.

Partial and Full

There are two types of dentures: partial and full. Partials are only used to replace a few teeth. If you have lost several teeth that were all located in a row, then partials are a viable option. However, if you are missing all of your teeth, then a full set will be required.

How Are They Made?

In order to ensure that your restoration works for your mouth, your dentist will need to take impressions. It will take a few weeks of creating the model that will serve as the base. The final product will be your dentures, and your dentist will be able to make any minor adjustments as necessary.

Eating While Wearing Them

It may take a little while to get used to eating while wearing your new set of teeth. You may want to try sticking with soft foods at first and then slowly go back to your normal diet.

How Often Do Dentures Have to Be Worn?

In the first few days, you should wear them all the time. This is so that any problem areas can be identified right away and corrections can be made. Once you are comfortable, you can take your dentures out whenever you go to bed.

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