5 Benefits of LANAP Laser Treatment

Nov 10, 2020

The oral cavity house numerous nerve-ends and blood capillaries. The teeth also perform a ton of activities apart from the regular work of chewing the food. The dentists are always ready to treat you. Still, the incorporation of advanced technologies has made it easier for health professionals better to understand your teeth’s underlying state and its roots.

What is LANAP laser treatment?

The latest incorporation in dental treatment is the LANAP laser treatment. Also termed as periodontal laser treatment, this is a surgical therapy for treating periodontitis, emphasizing the regeneration of damaged tissues and jawbones rather than focusing on resection.

Gum infection or periodontitis results from poor oral hyenine and accumulation of a sticky film on the teeth that hardens in due time. These tartars are thriving ground of bacteria, and the acidic secretion released by bacterial activity erodes the teeth and hums.

Over the past few decades, laser technology has emerged as an adjunct in several dental treatment modalities. This bladeless invasive surgical technique has been a revolutionary outcome in treating a plethora of periodontal diseases. The gum laser treatment is effective and a painless mode of surgery to treat periodontal or gum diseases.

McCarthy and Gregg developed the unique ameliorative approach. In 1990, the duo introduced an innovative gum surgery mode to deal with infections of the gum by incorporating 1064 nm wavelength of pulsed neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet. Yukna et al. were the first to conduct a LANAP laser treatment study at the 1996 world workshop on periodontitis.

The Procedure

The laser-assisted new attachment procedure, commonly known as LANAP, is an invasive surgical therapy to treat periodontitis, focusing on the regeneration of damaged or degenerated gum tissues.

Laser radiation is a single wavelength, monochromatic, unidirectional, coherent, and bright ray of light with different degrees of transpiercing capability based on the property of reflection, scattering, or absorption.

The oral tissues contain free water molecules, macromolecules, and proteins and help in reflection. The absorption coefficient in water helps in affecting the laser potential. The proteins and other pigments also affect the absorption coefficient.

Benefits of LANAP Laser Treatment

If you have ever been embarrassed with bad breath or bleeding gums, you would have thought about periodontal treatment. Medicines might not be your respite if the infection has spread to the gums and oral tissues.

Periodontal dentists might suggest surgery, and LANAP can be a painless surgical process. In Roswell, GA, Shenk Dental Care is a modern, family-friendly dental clinic providing comprehensive dental care. You can experience comfortable dental care, and our experienced group of dentists ensures in providing you a gorgeous and bright smile. The benefits of LANAP laser treatment are:

#1: Faster Healing and Less Pain

When the insertion and bleeding are minimal, the healing process is also quick. With LANAP surgery, the chances of cuts are negligible, and the healing process is fast. The original motto of laser treatment was “no cut, no-sew.” The little fear minimizes the stress and anxiety among patients and can promote healing.

#2: Less Bleeding, No Swelling

LANAP treatment is less invasive and does not involve stitches or cuts. With less uncomfortable aftercare and minimum pain, the post-surgery appearance is not hampered. With minor swelling, you can return to the daily routine in no time.

#3: Bacteria Removal

LANAP surgery removes the bacterias by vaporizing them as a natural part of the treatment. Moreover, LANAP surgery reduces the chances of post-operation infections. Your oral cavity interacts with other vital organs like the lungs or heart, and maintaining a clean oral cavity is important. The post-operation infections are also reduced with LANAP surgery as it does not involve any surgical equipment. In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, LANAP surgery can minimize chances of contamination.

#4: Increase in Pocket Size

The infected gums recede and increase the pocket size. Long-term periodontitis can increase the pocket size considerably as you lose gum tissues. With its regenerative abilities, LANAP surgery can reduce the pocket size considerably and help prevent further infection.

#5: Growth of Jawbones and Tissue Regeneration

LANAP treatment removes most of the bacteria and helps to treat inflammation and infection of the gums. LANAP surgery also helps to regenerate the lost tissues and stimulate the growth of new jawbones.

Now that you know about the benefits of LANAP treatment, it is time to get your check up done by your dentist. At Shenk Dental Care, we are here for you. Contact us now to find a solution to your dental problems.

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