4 Realities Of Life With Sleep Apnea And Living With Your CPAP Machine

Sep 18, 2018

Sleeping doesn’t always have to be so troublesome if you have sleep apnea. If you have ever woken your partner, children, and even pets due to your obnoxious snoring, then you must be aware of the number of methods your doctor has made you endure. One of which being the infamous CPAP Machine. However, besides from that device, there are some realities you should be aware of whether you are someone experiencing sleep apnea or a victim of its symptoms. Here are 4 of those realities, some less heart-warming than others.

The CPAP Machine

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. Doctors advise this machine for anyone with sleep apnea, and it comes in the form of a mask. Sleeping with this mask is a bit troublesome since it is connected to a long tube, that is connected to the machine. Getting a good night’s sleep can almost be what most patients describe as impossible. Studies show that 30-50 percent of patients who are prescribed the CPAP Machine stop using it after the first 1-3 weeks. However, finding the proper mask and sleeping position can dramatically improve your sleep schedule.

Traveling With Sleep Apnea

Traveling with sleep apnea is all about planning. You should be aware of the following things at all times:

  • Your environment (Plane, Camping, Snorkeling Trip etc)
  • Duration of the trip
  • If you have access to your CPAP machine

Lifestyle Changes

There are two things to be cautious of once diagnosed with sleep apnea regarding lifestyle.

Food and Diet – Avoiding foods that can keep you up at night.
Drugs and Alcohol – Smoking is an irritant for the airway passages. Naturally you want to avoid as much of it as possible. Alcohol further relaxes the muscles in your throat so it will further progress the stages of sleep apnea.

You Are Not Alone

Know that many other people have this condition. In the US alone 12-25 million people have OSA. Furthermore, 80% of all OSA cases remain undiagnosed.

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