You Can Enjoy Treats and Sweets If…

You might think that dentists dislike Halloween candy. Not wanting to be a “Doug-or-Debbie-Downer,” your children (and you) can enjoy your treats and candy cravings without destroying your teeth.

Again, we’re not only applying-the-brakes to your kids seasonal candy cravings. According to a survey conducted by Delta Dental, 80% of parents confess to eating their children’s Halloween candy “haul.”

Let’s get one thing straight

Sugar is unhealthy for your teeth and gums. But what’s often mistaken is why.

Sure, some candies and sugar heavy treats are more damaging than others. Here’s an important perspective:

The length of time your teeth are exposed to sugar is the issue. Bacteria thrive on the sugar that’s left behind on your tooth surfaces. The longer they feed the more acids they produce increasing your risk of decay and cavities.

Time on your side

It’s safe to say that you can indulge your “sweet tooth.” But timing will help you protect your teeth and gum tissue.

For example, enjoy small portions of candy at limited or specific times.

  • After meals
  • As a dessert
  • At designated snack times

The key is not allowing you and your children’s candy cravings to run amok without watching the “clock,” so to speak.

Timing is important if and when sugar is consumed. And you’ll help reduce the risk to your teeth if you brush and rinse with water following candy consumption.

None is best, less is good, some are better than others

Go sugar-free if possible

Oral bacteria won’t feed as effectively if sugar is absent. Gum and candy that contain xylitol are tasty. They can help protect your teeth by reducing the acids that accumulate and by producing more saliva that rinses away remaining sugars.

Indulge your chocolate craving

Chocolate can dissolve more quickly in your mouth than other sugar heavy sweets. This reduces the amount of time the sugar remains on your teeth. Be aware that any sticky substances within your chocolate favorites (caramel, nougat, etc.) increases the time it stays on your teeth.

Be aware of those with “staying power”

Remember, those sugars that stick around cause damage. Chewy caramels or gummy type candies adhere to your teeth and give bacteria more advantage.

Hard candy can do the same. It has the added risk of dissolving more slowly and biting into it can chip or break your tooth.

It’s the season to enjoy your favorite treats. If you do, follow a more disciplined approach to assuring your oral health doesn’t suffer.

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Bad Breath Could Be Just the Beginning

Good or bad you carry this with you wherever you go. It’s your breath and most often your concern has to do with bad breath issues.

For example, do people tend to “step back” during conversations or are you self-aware enough to know that something’s not right when you get a whiff of your own breath?

It could be more than what was on your plate

It’s common to associate bad breath with your most recent meal or beverage. Those are causes but it could be something more.

Blame bacteria. Oral bacteria that live on your teeth, gums, and tongue produce an odor.

Your diet provides leverage to bacteria. Eating foods such as onions and garlic magnify the issue. Bad breath also results from food particles that are left behind and between your teeth.

A systemic issue

Systemic? That’s the broader idea that one problem leads to or is directly connected to another.

For instance, bad breath could be sourced in a number of other mouth related conditions.

Dry mouth is caused by a low production of saliva. Your saliva has a cleansing effect and without it bacteria can thrive and produce the odor associated with bad breath.

Infections are also bad breath producers. A sinus infection, bronchitis, and other related conditions can enhance it.

Periodontal (gum) disease can produce a specific odor too. The condition attacks your gum and bone tissue, producing an infection, and an odor often accompanies the infection.

Preventive solutions

Keep your mouth healthy, clean, and fresh. Routine oral hygiene including brushing, flossing, and professional teeth cleanings are fundamental to overcoming bad breath issues.

Schedule dental check-ups for systemic issues. Disease, tooth decay, dry mouth, and other oral health conditions can be treated. This could eliminate the source of your chronic bad breath.

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How to Keep Your Smile Healthy…and in Style

Believe it or not you have unique “style.” Having a beautiful smile that’s timeless and stylish compliments it.

There’s no set formula for achieving and maintaining an attractive smile. Cosmetic dentistry helps and so does routine preventive dentistry.

The right blend

Healthy teeth and gums create an appealing smile. Achieving that result is a blend of aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry procedures, and certain technologies available in our Roswell dental office.

Protect it if you want your smile to enhance your personal “style”

Keep your teeth and gums free from disease

Periodontal (gum) disease is among the top threats to your overall oral health. In fact, its impact goes beyond your mouth into your general physical health.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes to name a few of the risks.

Routine dental examinations, professional teeth cleanings, and deep cleanings such as scaling and root planing can keep you (and your smile) protected from disease.

Matching restorations

Your teeth are basically the same color for a reason. On occasion, a dental restoration skews things.

Cost, convenience, or other factors can lead to a restorative decision. That said, it’s might help to know that your dental restorations can match the shade of your surrounding teeth.

Tooth colored (white) dental fillings, dental crowns, and dental bonding are available. Each can be custom designed to match your natural tooth shade and transform your smile.

Correct tooth flaws or tooth damage

Your teeth are vulnerable to force. Sure, teeth are tough, durable, and designed to last a lifetime but…

Trauma, disease, unfortunate accidents, etc can cause chips, gaps, cracks, broken teeth, and tooth root exposure. Delaying or avoiding treatment can produce decay and eventually tooth loss.

Dental fillings, dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, gum contouring, and more can fix the damage. Each procedure protects your tooth surface, your tooth structure, and your gums as it restores your smile.

Give your teeth room to function

Overcrowding or crooked teeth create a domino effect in you mouth. Tooth misalignment affects your overall tooth function, your ability speak, and of course your confidence to smile.

Orthodontics, including Invisalign, corrects your overcrowded, misaligned, and crooked teeth condition. Invisalign has a low impact on your lifestyle by using clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten your teeth.

Each of these treatment solutions preserves the health of your teeth and gums. And that has a direct impact on your unique style that’s revealed by a healthy smile.

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Why Now is a Good Time to Choose a Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure You’ve Been Putting Off

Are you tempted to “bail” on this year’s upcoming holiday parties and events? Wait! Cosmetic dentistry might be what you need to renew your plans.

Anticipating conversations, your wardrobe, and even your confidence to smile (or not) can tip your decision one way or the other. There are solutions that can reactivate your social calendar now and throughout the year.

Fast and affordable teeth whitening

Your teeth yellow and darken for a variety of reasons. Age, diet and lifestyle choices, and certain medications can cause unattractive color changes to your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening eliminates the discoloration. And it’s possible to brighten your teeth up to 10 shades in one, convenient in-office appointment.

Your professional whitening treatment can also be touched up between now and your next social engagement. Take-home custom designed trays and whitening trays give you the option to maintain your new, whiter smile.

Smile-transforming veneers

Your front, smile-zone teeth get the most attention. They’re noticed first each time you smile.

Porcelain veneers are a thin, wafer-like tooth covering. The treatment requires two appointments for tooth preparation and fitting your veneers to the front surface of your teeth.

The results are substantial. You’ll enjoy immediate smile transformation and the confidence that goes with it.

Tooth-colored dental fillings

Metal fillings are noticeable. And they could be among the reasons you lack smile confidence.

White, tooth-colored fillings provide you a tooth restoration that matches your surrounding teeth. This treatment can replace your unattractive, worn, or damaged fillings.

Fill your missing tooth gap with a dental implant

Tooth loss damages your health and ability to chew. It also affects your esteem.

A dental implant provides a secure and appealing tooth replacement. The implant forms a new tooth root and restores your tooth function and appearance with a dental crown on the surface of your gums.

The procedure requires time to complete. Schedule a consultation to discuss implant treatment and the results you can expect.

These cosmetic dentistry procedures and more will give you confidence in the upcoming holiday season. The treatment results will also improve your oral health.

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How Gum Recession Happens and Where It Can Lead

During flooding its a good sign when the water recedes. As concerns your dental health, receding gums are not a good sign.

The problems caused by receding gums are numerous. Your dental health relies on the specific factors that could be causing yours to do so.

A healthy benchmark

Gum recession isnt a certainty. It is an indication that something is up such as the development of periodontal (gum) disease.

In spite of disease, decay, and normal daily function your teeth are made to last. Proper oral hygiene, diet, and routine dental check-ups increase your odds.

A healthy benchmark includes teeth that have emerged and remain straight. Theyre also surrounded by a protective collar of bone and gum tissue.

Your three biggest contributors to gum recession

Tooth location

Your tooth or teeth could emerge outside of the proper center portion of your jawbone and gums. This exposes your tooth root. Moving your tooth or teeth into their natural alignment will help.


Some dental characteristics are inherited. Perhaps your gum tissue is thin and thus more vulnerable to gum recession as a result of normal, daily function.

Improper oral hygiene

Brushing and flossing are fundamental to healthy teeth and gums. Yet, being too aggressive with your oral health care can damage your gum tissue and lead to recession.

How to prevent and treat gum recession

An oral examination will determine the presence or extent of gum recession. Solving the problem can require new hygiene approaches and certain periodontal procedures.

Brushing your teeth more gently, away from your gums, and with a softer brush is a good start. This helps prevent the tissue from moving especially if its thin.

Bleeding or painful gums can be a sign of deeper problems. Gum disease is progressive and is best treated in the early phases with laser dentistry techniques and deep cleanings like scaling and root planing.

Gum recession can also be corrected by repositioning your teeth. Orthodontics are designed to gradually move your teeth into proper position where your gums will naturally follow.

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