How a Dental Examination Improves Your Child’s Back-to-School Transition

It’s a parental priority. You want to see your child or children succeed in school, right?

It might surprise you to know that a dental examination can be the first step towards that goal. There are benefits including their oral health and saving you long term dental treatment costs.

Keep your kids from missing school

An estimated 51 million school hours are lost annually due to dental health issues. And the top chronic childhood illness is dental related as well.

It’s tooth decay and it can lead to a number of ongoing pediatric oral health issues. Teeth, gum, alignment issues and more can result from untreated decay and disease.

Prioritizing your child’s dental care helps prevent time out of the classroom and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Start with a dental examination and teeth cleaning. These basic appointments (two times per year) enable you to stay aware of cavities and other threats to their dental health. And early treatment can also save you on treatment costs.

Important if they play sports

Dental injury or trauma is common for student athletes. A sports mouth guard can reduce your child’s risk of injury to their mouth, teeth, and gums.

Their teeth are better protected with a custom-fitted mouth guard. Proper fit helps assure protection from tooth fractures, broken teeth, gum damage, and other mouth injuries.

Contact us about a custom-fitted mouthguard for your student athlete. And while you’re doing so, schedule their next dental examination and teeth cleaning at our Roswell dental office.

Tooth Infection Risks and the Solution that Works

Who knew that your teeth are so complex? It’s what you don’t immediately notice that can cause problems such as a tooth infection.

Your teeth are a multi-layered structure. Deep within is the pulp.

And that’s where infection can do damage.

How tooth infection starts

An oral infection (abscess) can occur on the surface of your gums around your tooth. This type of infection is painful and requires treatment to prevent further tooth and tissue damage.

Internal infection within your tooth root or pulp can be caused by a cavity or tooth damage. Cracks, chips, or fractures on a tooth provide an environment for bacteria to multiply.

Bacteria thrive within your saliva and the plaque build-up on your teeth. Bacterial growth is what leads to a tooth infection that will eventually attack your internal pulp.

What to be aware of

You might not immediately notice the signs of a tooth infection. Once it worsens you can experience hot and cold teeth sensitivity, pain, swelling in your gums, or bad breath.

Warnings are beneficial for your oral health. And treatment is available.

Why treatment is a good idea

Ignoring the symptoms of a tooth infection or delaying treatment can lead to tooth loss. A root canal is the most common procedure to treat a tooth infection, save your tooth from an extraction, and eliminate your pain.

The good news is that root canal therapy has evolved. It’s a comfortable treatment that uses local anesthetic and available sedation to assist with removing your tooth infection.

Your tooth pulp is cleaned and the infection is removed. It’s common for a dental crown to be placed onto your treated tooth to strengthen and protect it.

The complexity of your teeth are a benefit to you. Protecting them involves an awareness of any threats to their health including an infection.

Contact our Roswell dental office with any symptoms of a tooth infection. Schedule an oral examination to diagnose the cause and to discuss treatment including a root canal.

Solving Your Denture’s “Low-Level” Problem and More

You’re probably aware of this if you wear dentures. Or you’ve heard and that makes the decision to wear dentures easier.

Comfort and convenience are not common denture descriptions. The opposite can be true.

On the positive side, dentures are an easy solution for tooth replacement. And they can cost much less than other missing teeth options.

So, what’s the big deal?

Dentures can effectively restore your basic tooth function. Biting, chewing, and smiling are among the benefits especially when you’ve experienced total or partial tooth loss.

It’s important to understand that dentures are artificial teeth. That said, they lack what your healthy, natural teeth have, security.

More specifically, the security of tooth roots.

This explains the “low-level” problem. Your lower denture lacks the more secure support of a wider bone and gum surface, unlike your upper denture.

That’s why your lower denture slips and moves when you eat, speak, or smile. Lack of adequate supportive tissue and ongoing tissue erosion from long term denture use are to blame.

Most significant is the loss of bone tissue stimulation. This is part of your tooth root’s functional role.

Get back to your “roots

Dental implants provide a supportive solution if you choose dentures for tooth replacement. An implant supported denture relies on the strength and security of a new tooth root created by a dental implant.

An implant functions as your natural tooth root does. Following placement, it stimulates your bone and gum tissue as it actually adapts to it during the healing process.

Your new denture supported by implants will restore your tooth function to it’s more natural condition. Biting, chewing, and smiling will be stronger and more comfortable as a result.

And no more embarrassing movement or slipping as you eat and speak. The same holds for your upper as well as your lower denture when you add dental implants for support.

Contact your Roswell dentist about any problems you’re experiencing with your denture or dentures. Schedule a consultation and an examination to discuss securing your denture with dental implants.

If Your Teen is Avoiding Braces This Will Help

You’ll have this conversation with your teen sooner or later. And Invisalign Teen®️ can make it easier.


The “you-need-braces” conversation can be as awkward as others you have with your teenager. And for good reason.

Orthodontics, especially for teens, is an uncomfortable subject. It creates an image that, frankly, threatens their already fragile self-esteem and self-confidence.

Orthodontics that “gets” your teen’s hang-ups

Invisalign Teen®️ solves the problems associated with your teen’s need for orthodontic treatment. It uses the popular Invisalign®️ procedure with customizations that your teen will appreciate.

Your teenager’s orthodontic treatment has to consider tooth development and lifestyle. Each of these issues are solved with the customized Invisalign Teen®️ system.

For starters:

  • A “wear indicator” that fades signaling it’s time to change their aligner.
  • “Tabs” that accommodate the unique development of your teen’s second molars.

Their treatment plan follows the same steps as the standard Invisalign®️ procedure. A consultation is followed by teeth impressions and 3D imaging that reveals progressive tooth movement for creating your teen’s customized aligners.

Straight teeth – no social stigma

The advantage of Invisalign Teen®️ goes to straight, healthy teeth…without a significant impact on your teen’s lifestyle. Your active teen can participate in sports, band, and other social activities throughout their orthodontic treatment.

Because Invisalign Teen®️ uses clear aligners, your teen will be able to smile without the noticeable appearance of braces. And the aligners are removable for eating, brushing, flossing, and other social functions.

Your teen can stay focused on their school work and activities during treatment. Invisalign Teen®️ requires less in-office appointments and it eliminates the problems associated with broken brackets common with metal braces.

Contact our Roswell dental office about orthodontics. Schedule a consultation and ask about Invisalign®️ and Invisalign Teen®️ for a lifestyle-friendly treatment for straight teeth.

What You’ll Notice if Your Teeth are Eroding (And Why Action is Necessary)

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it’s not immediately noticeable.

You’d think that changes to your teeth would get your attention. If you’re experiencing any change related to dental erosion it’s time to notice…and act.

Noticeable changes

The look and functionality of your teeth are a fundamental way to assess their health. Tooth erosion, for example, will reveal wear, a dark appearance beneath the enamel (on the surface), or hollowed out areas on your teeth.

You might also experience increased teeth sensitivity. This happens as more of your teeth’s protective enamel erodes.

Natural resistance is good but not enough

Your mouth produces a natural resistance to dental erosion. Saliva works to neutralize it’s effect.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the acids within the foods and beverages you consume can overpower your saliva’s ability to sustain its protective benefits.

Control the acid and you’ll help reduce erosion’s impact on your teeth.

Do this now

It would be unrealistic to eliminate all of the high acidic foods and beverages you enjoy. But there are actions you can take to reduce the risk of damage to your teeth.

Use mealtimes to enjoy foods and beverages that are higher in acid content. This slows the frequency of its impact on your teeth.

Swallow each sip of your favorite beverage sooner. This reduces the amount of time you keep the liquid in your mouth and on your tooth surfaces.

Chew sugar-free gum after a meal. Chewing increases the amount of natural saliva in your mouth that can help neutralize the acids in your food and beverages you enjoyed while eating.

Brush your teeth following a meal. But delay doing so for up to an hour to allow your tooth enamel to re-harden.

Stay aware of your teeth’s appearance and function. Schedule annual check-ups and follow-through on recommended treatment, including dental bonding, to treat dental erosion.

Contact our Roswell dental office if you notice any signs of tooth erosion. Schedule an examination to discuss treatment solutions.