If You Have This Dental Implant Problem It Could Actually Have Less to Do with Your Implant

Your tooth replacement decision might have been the easy part. You discovered that dental implants are just-short-of-perfect for restoring your tooth function and appearance following tooth loss.

No vulnerabilities

Implant treatment is a long-term, cost-effective investment in your oral health. It provides a strong, new tooth root and an attractive, secure tooth structure above your gum line.

And your dental implant is not directly affected by tooth decay or oral disease. You can expect years of tooth function from your dental implant.

The value of “environmental” health

Implant security is a good thing until you notice or feel something not-right around your dental implant. Perhaps it’s an inflammation or an irritation in the tissue surrounding it.

Dental implant treatment from start to finish and in the years that follow requires a healthy oral environment. Your gum and bone tissue has adapted to the implant following placement.

The implant is not directly vulnerable but your tissue is. There’s always the potential for decay or infection if…

  • You neglect proper dental hygiene
  • Food becomes impacted and remains in your gum pockets producing bacteria growth
  • Your gums, jawbone, or surrounding teeth experience trauma or damage
  • Plaque and tartar build up on your adjoining teeth and gums

If you give oral bacteria an inch it-will-take-a-mile. The strength of your implant relies on your ongoing oral health care.

The good news…

You’re aware of the problem. And there’s a solution.

Treatment for an implant infection restores the tissue that surrounds your dental implant. Much like a deep cleaning, the area around your implant, including your gums, are cleaned, treated, and the infection is eliminated.

Implant infection treatment will also check your bone tissue health. It helps assure that your tissue damage will not cause your implant to become loose or detached from your jawbone.

Healthy gum and bone tissue creates a healthy and long-lasting dental implant. It’s always a good idea to monitor your implant’s health.

Contact your Roswell dentist about any issues you have with your dental implant or with your questions about tooth replacement with implants. Schedule an examination to discuss your condition and solutions.

How the Summer Months Could Tip Your Dental Health in the Right Direction

Summer’s approaching! And with it comes that laid back, take-it-easy vibe.

With that in mind it’s also the perfect season to invest in your dental health. The current year is nearing the halfway point, your kids are out of school, and you might have a vacation, a class reunion, or a wedding or two to attend.

But what does that have to do with dentistry?


Your dental health has a measure of prevention plus anticipation built into it. The more issues you can anticipate and stay ahead of the healthier and more appealing you and your family’s teeth and gums will be.

Many of our Roswell dental services help you stay current and prioritize your oral health.

Preventive dentistry

This broad category includes routine examinations (check-ups) and professional teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist. Scan your summer calendar and schedule you and your children’s next check-up and teeth cleaning before school starts in the fall.

Ask about dental sealants or dental fluoride during your next hygiene appointment. The protection provided by these procedures can save you time and costs in the months ahead.

Cosmetic dentistry

We mentioned your social calendar in a previous post. That includes vacations, family and class reunions, and weddings.

Those and other face-to-face events are motivation to assure that your teeth and gums are healthy and attractive. Lead with your smile through a variety of cosmetic dental procedures.

  • A professional, in-office teeth whitening treatment can transform your smile fast.
  • Gum treatment with the LANAP®️ Laser treatment can improve your gum health or be used to eliminate your “gummy smile” and improve your smile confidence.

Restorative dentistry

Have a dental filling or dental crown you’ve been postponing for yourself or one of your children? Treat decay and cavities now before they worsen.

Dental bonding is another tooth restoration that can produce health and appearance results. This quick procedure can strengthen your tooth structure that’s chipped, cracked, or broken or be used to fill small gaps between your teeth.


The summer, school’s-out season is a good time to schedule an orthodontic examination for your teenager. Beginning treatment with Invisalign®️ during the summer months will enable them to be oriented to wearing and protecting their aligners once school starts.

And with fall sports season approaching a custom-fitted mouthguard can protect their teeth and gums from potential damage.

Invest in you and your family’s dental health when time and convenience is more on your side. Contact our Roswell dental office about any treatment you’ve delayed or with your questions about preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, or orthodontics.

One Way to Assure You Follow Through on Recommended Dental Treatment (and Relax During It)

Relaxing dentistry. That might sound like an oxymoron to you.

Perhaps sedation dentistry sounds more accurate.

Either way, we prefer that you have a positive view of your dental care. There’s a connection between your anticipation of comfort during a dental appointment or procedure and your oral health quality.

Just in case…

Dental anxiety can be responsible for poor oral health.


If your fear keeps you from making or keeping a dental appointment you can be at risk for ongoing teeth and gum problems.

Dental Sedation provides solutions that can eliminate or significantly reduce your anxiety or fear. Your reasons for choosing a sedation method might include:

  • Low pain tolerance
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • A gag reflex
  • Inability to relax or remain still during treatment
  • An extensive amount of treatment during one appointment

It helps to ask

Sedation is about your comfort and the reduction of anxiety or pain. Ask us about out dental sedation options including:

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas”)

This is a popular and light form of sedation. A wearable nose mask provides you access to the gas that creates a carefree feeling. Your side effects are minimal and the sensation wears off quickly following use.

Oral sedation

This solution uses prescribed medications prior to your dental procedure to relax you. The strength prescribed by your Roswell dentist will often cause you to feel drowsy. Recovery following use can often require transportation assistance post treatment.

Contact our Roswell dental office with your concerns about anxiety during your next dental appointment or procedure. Ask us about our available dental sedation options to help you relax and follow-through on your recommended treatment.

It’s “More-or-Less” Treatment When Choosing Dental Inlays or Onlays

Someplace in between. You’ve been there perhaps.

Dentally speaking, it’s what you face when you have tooth damage. And a dental inlay or onlay is “more-or-less” the only treatment that will work.


For example, your tooth has been damaged to the extent that on the lesser side a filling will not work and what’s more there’s not enough damage to justify a dental crown.

Crowns and fillings are effective, no doubt. Yet a crown can require too much tooth structure being removed and a large dental filling can weaken a tooth causing it to break or fracture.

Same but different

Dental inlays and onlays provide a compromise of sorts.

An onlay can accomplish something between that of a dental crown and dental filling. On the other hand an inlay fills your tooth damage that cannot be adequately treated with a dental filling but not going to the extent of a dental crown.

Either way, inlays and onlays each repair and restore your tooth’s chewing surface.

Inlays fill your tooth space between the tooth’s edges or cusps. An onlay provides coverage from edge (cusp) to edge (cusp).

When a filling won’t do it or a crown is too much

It’s common for your inlay to be more long-lasting than amalgam or composite fillings and less expensive than a crown. Durability and cost will depend on the materials used and the extent of your procedure.

Inlays and onlays will each improve your tooth function and your appearance. Again the materials used (such as gold, composite resin, or porcelain) will determine your cost and aesthetic benefits.

It’s vital that you care for your inlay or onlay as you would any dental restoration. Brush, floss, and prioritize dental check ups to help assure their health and longevity.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth damage. Schedule an examination to discuss tooth restoration with a dental inlay or onlay depending on your the scope of your

Do You Know the Risks of Tooth Loss (and Are You Prepared)?

Advanced thinking is useful. It’s especially productive for your dental health.

Think tooth loss, for example. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with it but if you do advanced planning can save you time and costs.

Losing one or more teeth is traumatic. It has an emotional and physical impact on you.

The gap is your primary concern. But there’s more than just a missing space.

The power of one

A single missing tooth can change your appearance. That’s often all the motivation you need to seek treatment.

There’s another reason to take action.

Your teeth are a supportive community in your mouth. Each tooth keeps the adjoining and surrounding ones aligned and healthy.

Loss of one tooth can set in motion a number of challenges. Chewing, gum and bone tissue erosion, unnecessary wear on other teeth, and alignment problems can occur.

The root problem and the solution for it

Tooth roots are a stabilizing force. Their anchoring effect in your jawbone keeps your tissue healthy and supportive of your surrounding teeth.

Loss of a tooth and its root can produce atrophy in your jawbone. This can lead to harmful tooth movement.

Misalignment is common when your teeth begin to shift into the missing tooth gap. Tooth movement can lead to other issues including periodontal (gum) disease.

A solid, secure tooth replacement is necessary. A dental implant replaces your missing tooth from root to surface.

Implants provide the necessary tooth root and tooth structure on the surface of your gums. They restore you tooth function and look natural for improving your appearance.

A dental implant adapts to your jawbone and gum tissue. This effect provides you a long-lasting tooth replacement that won’t shift, move, or cause tissue erosion that’s common with dentures.

Hopefully, you can avoid tooth loss. But if it occurs you have advanced planning on your side with dental implant treatment for tooth replacement.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your missing or damaged teeth. Schedule an examination to discuss tooth replacement with a dental implant.