Why You Might Want to Reconsider What You’ve Heard About a Root Canal

You hear the words and it’s common to wince a bit. Should I say it?

Sure, because frankly there’s less to worry about than you might realize. The word?


Root canal!

This restorative dentistry treatment is vital to your overall dental health. What is a root canal and why would you require one?

A common benefit of a root canal procedure is the elimination of consistent tooth or mouth pain. Decay or an infection within your tooth pulp is the primary reason for the treatment.

An untreated oral infection can ultimately harm your tooth. Nerve and tissue damage are potential results.

More so, your tooth can actually be damaged beyond repair. This can lead to the only remaining alternative – an extraction.

Keep your tooth where it belongs

Root canal cost is worth it. You can keep your tooth in place.

Beyond that your infection is treated and the risk to your surrounding teeth and gum tissue is eliminated.

You don’t need to be so sensitive

Your earliest root canal symptom is often a tooth ache or frequent tooth sensitivity. On occasion you might notice a “zing” when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and beverages.

Another symptom could be swelling. Your gum tissue near or beneath the infection could appear red and swollen.

Your dental health and your overall health at this point require treatment. Pain relievers can only provide temporary relief for your symptoms and not solve the deeper problem affecting your tooth.

Root canal reboot

Root canal treatment is your solution for the pain, the infection, and for saving your tooth from an extraction. The procedure removes the infection from your tooth pulp, the root canal of your tooth is cleaned, and the area is filled with a substance that helps prevent the infection from returning.

Some sensitivity in your surrounding gums and the treated tooth will occur during healing. But you will experience significant pain relief as the tooth heals.

Overall, the a root canal procedure has evolved to be a comfortable treatment. Local anesthetic and sedation options help assure your comfort during the treatment

Contact your Roswell dentist about your tooth pain or oral infection. Schedule a dental examination to discuss saving your tooth with a root canal.

A Solution for Problem Dentures

There are reasons you choose dentures. Tooth loss is the most obvious and common one.

If you’re considering dentures or if you’ve worn them for awhile there’s something you will eventually face. Changes that you experience with your dentures become noticeable the longer you wear them.

A primary concern

Some changes are welcome. The renewed ability to chew, eat, and smile with confidence for starters.

There’s one change you will eventually deal with. And it’s a primary reason you will wonder if dentures are a good choice.

Dentures have a variety of benefits including cost effectiveness and fast tooth replacement. But over time concerns can arise with denture treatment.

The shifting, movement, and slippage you feel prompts a concern. The reason: your jaw bone beneath your denture is gradually wearing down.

The loss of a tooth includes the loss of your tooth root. An intact root positively affects the health of your bone tissue.

Tooth loss leads to root loss. This creates instability in your jawbone.

This is a common and primary concern when you wear dentures. It doesn’t happen overnight but it will eventually.


Security you can count on

Dental implants are a secure tooth replacement solution. They also have benefit for you as a denture wearer.

An implant supported denture combines the convenience of dentures with the stability of dental implants. The implant forms a new tooth root that adapts to your bone tissue and maintains its health.

Picture your denture attached to as many as four dental implants. The strategically placed implants form a stable foundation for your denture.

Denture confidence

You will continue experiencing the same lifestyle benefits of your denture such as smiling and chewing confidently. Plus you will eliminate the movement that’s common with dentures.

The implants provide your most vital result. You will experience more stability and reduce the risk to your bone tissue by supporting your denture with dental implants.

Contact your Roswell dentist about implant supported dentures. Schedule a consultation for more information about the treatment and the implant denture options to secure your denture.

How Invisalign®️ is Different Than Other Braces Treatment

There are reasons you seek orthodontic treatment. When you choose Invisalign realize it provides you more than straighter, aligned teeth.

Traditional, metal braces can do that, right?

True, you have options when your teeth require orthodontics. It’s also true that you might benefit the most from braces depending on your necessary outcomes.

There are reasons why Invisalign has an advantage if you’re a candidate for the treatment.

What to expect

You’re not alone if you wonder about the impact orthodontics will have on your lifestyle. Treatment duration, number and frequency of in-office appointments, comfort, and your appearance are top considerations.

Invisalign provides a solution for most of your tooth alignment issues. The overall lifestyle impact of the treatment is low compared with braces.

Invisalign straightens your teeth with virtually invisible aligners. You can confidently wear your aligners without calling attention to them.

Invisalign aligners are removable. Unlike fixed, metal or ceramic braces you can remove your aligners for meals and daily oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) though we recommend that you wear your aligners consistently each day.

Low-impact with high value

The goal of orthodontic treatment is moving your teeth into proper and healthy alignment. Invisalign accomplishes this with less pain and discomfort than traditional braces and with only a slight feeling of pressure.

Keep in mind that any pressure you feel is a signal that your treatment is making progress. Tooth alignment takes time but the results significantly improve your oral health.

You can eat, speak, and sleep without experiencing side-effects. Invisalign aligners are custom-designed to your specific teeth and will fit snugly.

Each set of Invisalign aligners are to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day. A new set of aligners will be traded out according to the specifics of your treatment plan.

Contact your Roswell dentist about Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Schedule a consultation to discuss your tooth alignment and how Invisalign clear aligners can straighten your teeth and improve your smile confidence.

Why Dental Implants are a Superior Missing Tooth Solution

Tooth loss can feel like the end-of-the-world. No doubt you feel the affects but you have options including one that has health improving benefits.

Dental implants accomplish both. Your appearance will be improved plus there’s the significant dental health benefit an implant provides.

Cosmetic dentistry and more

An implant will improve the look and appeal of your smile. Wherever you’ve experienced tooth loss you can count on your dental implant to blend naturally with your existing teeth.

Implant dentistry fully restores your tooth function following tooth loss. Your implant will not only look good alongside your existing teeth but it also provides a greater oral health benefit.

There’s more to be considered though

Below the surface is where dental implants surpass other tooth replacement options such as dentures and dental bridges.

Missing a single tooth can impact your entire mouth. Quick replacement helps assure that your remaining teeth, bone, and gum tissue stay healthy.

This is where your dental implant provides a unique oral health benefit. In addition to full tooth replacement an implant preserves the health of your bone and gum tissue.

Your full support

A dental implant forms your new, secure tooth root. The actual implant is made of titanium and creates a solid foundation for your surface and visible tooth structure.

The implant is surgically placed within your jawbone at the site of your missing tooth. Once it adapts to your tissue following a healing period the post (abutment) and new tooth (crown) is attached.

Your teeth rely on each other throughout your mouth. A dental implant can improve their function, your smile appearance, and prevent further costly dental issues caused by tooth loss.

Contact your Roswell dentist about your missing tooth or teeth. Schedule a consultation to discuss dental implants as a tooth replacement solution.