Crowns & Bridges

If a dental professional at Shenk Dental Care recommends dental crowns or a dental bridge for your teeth, you might be wondering, “What are dental crowns?” Here is background information to help you through the decision process when you visit your dentist in Roswell, GA, Dr. Judd Shenk of Shenk Dental Care, for dental crown and bridge treatment.

What are Dental Crowns?

So, what are dental crowns? Crowns are often recommended by your dentist in Roswell, GA when your teeth are suffering from decay, fractures, wear and tear, or discoloration. Dental crowns are particularly helpful in repairing cracked or severely worn teeth. Crowns are custom designed to fit snuggly over your teeth. Dental crowns will only cover the exposed portion of your teeth.

Crown procedures usually require at least two visits to your dentist in Roswell, GA. The first visit consists of preparing your tooth and taking an impression for your permanent crown. Dr. Shenk will x-ray your teeth to ensure that the bone is healthy and able to support a crown. If your tooth has decayed significantly, a root canal might be needed before continuing the process. Next, Dr. Shenk will numb your teeth and gums. The tooth requiring the crown is then prepared for the crown, a process that includes resurfacing the tooth in order to provide adequate space for the crown to fit. Finally, Dr. Shenk takes an impression of your tooth, and sends the mold off to a lab for fabrication. A temporary crown will be placed while you wait for your new crown to arrive.

The second visit is relatively short and easy. During this visit, the staff at Shenk Dental Care will check the health of your gums and permanently cement the crown.

What are Dental Crowns and how do They Relate to Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are constructed of three or more crowns fused together. These fixtures fill in the space between one or more missing teeth, attaching to the adjacent teeth on both sides. You can expect to visit your dentist in Roswell, GA at least twice, as the process is just like the procedure associated with dental crowns.

If you are suffering from weak, worn, or discolored teeth and are ready to make an impact on your smile, contact Shenk Dental Care and schedule an appointment with a dentist in Roswell, GA today for your personalized consultation.