3M™ True Definition Scanner

For many, the most unpleasant part of a visit to the dentist is the process of getting impressions. Not only are they unpleasant for the patient, they also tend to be flawed renderings of a patient’s mouth. New, state-of-the-art technology has improved the impression process, allowing dentists in Roswell, GA the ability to get an accurate model of each patient’s mouth.

The 3M™ True Definition Scanner completely eliminates the need for messy putty and trays when doing impressions. These highly accurate renderings also eliminate the errors found using traditional methods as the digital impression system digitally scans a patient’s mouth and bite. Images scanned with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner are then transmitted to the laboratory computer so that an accurate model can be created of your mouth.

Benefits to You

Better Oral Care: With the 3M True Definition Scanner allows us to view your case in amazing detail which helps eliminate inaccuracies. The digital files also help us communicate your needs with our lab for better results.

Better Patient Experience: Digital technology allows us to make a previously uncomfortable procedure far more comfortable and educational. And, because you can see the images on the screen, it will allow you to truly understand your oral situation and the treatments needed.

Improved Productivity: Digital impressions give us a much faster read out of your data allowing for faster turn around time at the lab and more accurate results. This means less time in the chair for you and fewer follow up visits.