July 28, 2016

Why You Might Want to Reconsider What You’ve Heard About a Root Canal

You hear the words and it’s common to wince a bit. Should I say it? Sure, because frankly there’s less to worry about than you might […]
July 22, 2016

A Solution for Problem Dentures

There are reasons you choose dentures. Tooth loss is the most obvious and common one. If you’re considering dentures or if you’ve worn them for awhile […]
July 15, 2016

How Invisalign®️ is Different Than Other Braces Treatment

There are reasons you seek orthodontic treatment. When you choose Invisalign realize it provides you more than straighter, aligned teeth. Traditional, metal braces can do that, […]
July 8, 2016

Why Dental Implants are a Superior Missing Tooth Solution

Tooth loss can feel like the end-of-the-world. No doubt you feel the affects but you have options including one that has health improving benefits. Dental implants […]